Adventure Photographer & Cinematographer

Samuel Crossley is recognized for his work as the director of photography on ‘Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine’ having previously worked on the original Sufferfest as a cameraman and assistant editor.

While in high school, Samuel directed fiction films and created videos for weddings, concerts and kids camps. Stumbling upon climbing his freshman year of university, he fell in love with the sport and naturally combined his love of photography and cinematography with climbing. While earning Cinema, B.A. at San Francisco State University, Samuel worked with clients including National Geographic, Redbull Media House, ABC News, REEL ROCK, The North Face, Patagonia and Adidas.

Samuel is recently graduated and works with top athletes, filmmakers and photographers across the world. His films and the films he's had part in have earned international screenings, audience choice awards and Q&As at film festivals.

Samuel lives in his van while freelancing and climbing. Feel free to contact him via